Tuesday, 17 February 2009

My Stupidity Strikes Again... (shocker)

So last night, i was going to bed and my boyfriend decided to clean out his side drawers. YAY. lol
well i was quiet and all of a sudden I heard a *shhhhlok* and turned around to find him with a little suction cup.

Apparently its for removing small flat lightblubs that are flush into the ceiling. WELL he thought it'd be funny to attack me with it, sticking it to my arms... face... neck, whatever he could see.

He thought to stick it to my forehead would be funny... which was at first. Until we realized i have a very flat forehead and it got stuck. We were giggling and he decided to try to YANK it off my head "OUCH!!!" and i had to try to lift the edge off.

AND when it was off, there was... and i quote "just a faint little circle on your forehead" as he muffled his laughes. I went to the bathroom to see that first, HE IS FULL OF CRAP! and secondly, i had a perfectly round purple spot in the MIDDLE OF MY HEAD!

We tried to ice it, and he said it was going down (while laughing still) but we now all remember the fact he's a big butt liar. And i fell asleep to wake up to it being WORSE. in fact, my makeup doesnt even cover it!

Not amused at all. definitely NOT amused. But dont worry kids, he will pay.

OH how he will pay....