Friday, 18 June 2010

Basic Information ALL women should know...

  1. waxing is painful. period.
    i hate watching these adverts that say "its all natural" so its virtually painless. VIRTUALLY PAINLESS is a hint for this hurts but we dont want to say. You should only wax if you're desperate or lucky to have a high tolerance for pain...
    Bottom line: Unless you're numb or dead, it still hurts!

  2. leggings are exactly that: LEGGINGS.
    working in fashion you notice what people wear, ALOT. Even what you were to your store shows some sort of style however there is one "fashion staple" that has been dug up from the closet and is now rampant on our streets: leggings.
    they're a good idea in theory. something light that you can wear under long tops or dresses that arent tights. Some people look better in them than others (like most fashion) but alot of people i see just dont get the POINT of leggings.
    THESE ARE NOT TROUSERS PEOPLE!!! the amount of people i see wearing them as a subsitute for trousers or jeans. They're partially see through and quite unflattering.

  3. stool softner: NOT table talk
    Despite all the adverts, no group of women gather for lunch and end up swapping medications. They dont chat about how hard it is to pass anything, or whats cramping lately. Its just not what happens. EVER.

    More to come :)

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