Sunday, 11 July 2010

Drink. Drank. Drunk.

What is with society today, that binge drinking is highly acceptable? Even encouraged!
In the united states between 1920 til 1933, alcohol was prohibited. Why? Due to its alleged detrimental effect on human behavior. Now we all know that this was not enforced the way it was intended, and although prohibition was suppose to lower crime rates, it actually helped fuel the rising crimes further for the "secret" demand of alcohol. However, general nuisance and petty crimes were on a low. Despite of this being unsuccessful, there was a understandable reason for the ban.
So there were laws: drunk and disorderly is the best example. Along with no open containers.

But what does the UK have? Not a great deal...
High crime rates down to drinking, more violence caused my drinking, lower drinking age to enable 13yr old to drink cheap vino in the local park without the fear of a ticket much less anything else... the list continues!

It must be an American outlook that's adjusted my thoughts... but it is different over there.
Drinking Age 21. If you look under 25, you WILL be asked for I.D. and if you don't produce, you don't get served. Simple as.
You cannot have a open air container off a drinking premises. Walking around on a Saturday afternoon, with a six pack under your arm, sipping one of them down as you sunbathe is NOT the done thing. TICKET TIIIIIME.

But also, as a teenager growing up in California there were three things that we're on the "To-Do List"... Get a Licence, Turn 18, Turn 21.
Turning 21 was this holy grail of adulthood that we were all so eager to get. The freedom, the new experience, the way that holding a drink at a bar will SCREAM "I am legal. talk to me."

Now at a legal age, what you'd really be screaming is "I'm Easy. Sleep with me" but i believe that's a learning curve.

So now I'm nearly in my mid-twenties and I'm suddenly struggling to see the constant appeal of binge drinking...

Don't get me wrong! I enjoy a drink, I love cocktails and happy hour with my friends but I don't see the appeal of going out with the sole purpose to get absolute trashed. Waking up at 3am in your going out clothes, makeup smeared, feeling slightly soiled, feeling like the room is spinning as you lay still, your head slightly throbbing and a constant ringing in your ears. Suddenly finding bruises or cuts that you cant remember getting... then struggling to remember most of your evening including how you got home. Noticing things are missing from your purse including the money you took out. Taking a a day or two with some interrogations of friends to piece together your night.

And that is an example of GOOD nights out I've heard. We wont wander down the line of one night stands and beyond.

But what made that a good night?!because you cant remember? because your feet will throb for two days from the crippling heels? because your friend had that gruesome picture of you pretending to fellatio a beer bottle (classy, by the way)? because you've just spent a quarter of your pay on this "awesome" night out?

In my eyes, its just not freakin worth it. So if you think it is, and you ever want to go out on a Saturday night, i can guarantee that i will be busy that night.

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