Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Where's the love?

Do you remember dreaming of what kind of person you'd end up with?
I did, and all the dreams were connected to my silver screen obsessions. I was exposed to old classics and musicals when i was young by my mom. She was always about the music or dance. I never caught her dancing but i always knew she did when i wasn't there. :)

We used to stay up late nights watching Marx Brothers, Dick Powell, William Powell, Judy Garland, Ginger Rogers, Ruby Keeler, Gene Kelly... you name them, i probably watched them! And the DUO couples we're the BEST! I used to sit there, Indian style on the floor, being envious of these women. I wanted to sing the best, dance the best, and love the best.
I tried my best with the singing and dancing... but i really got lucky when it came to love.

I always remember there being alot of love in my house too. My mom and dad always were close and they too, were close to me. So when i watched Myrna Loy and William Powell being Nick and Nora; bickering, i always saw my parents too. Which always led my imagination to...

Who would i be with??

Now I've had my experiences of dead beats, losers, users, etc. I've made my mistakes and (THANK GOODNESS) i learned from my mistakes. Finally making the discovery of my lifetime... My Love Matthew.
And now, in him, i can see all the men i once adored on the screens. Its not his looks, his style, his presence, his dancing abilities...
Its just - HIM.

So i can still oogle at the men of my silver screen past, knowing that I've found the real deal.

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