Saturday, 10 July 2010

Man... i really hate that guy...

Is it just me, or has everyone in their lifetime come across someone they just suddenly realised, was a total douche?

I know the word isn't pleasant but its a accurate description of some people... and don't you dare sit there and deny it. I bet you can think of one right now. Maybe even a few!
But it still doesn't distract from the fact that when you catch up with an old friend, co-worker, or family member, its very jarring to your memories (and better taste) to realise their just not a nice person. And i MEAN not a nice person. Ugly. To their deepest core. Nothing redeeming... at. all.

SO how do you deal with it? Do you grin and bear it? Do you avoid them? Do you cut them out of your life? What the HELL do you do?!

I suppose the only way you can deal with it, is when you're dealing with it yourself...
So, how do i deal it???

I try to grin and bear it, then i try to avoid them at all costs (lucky for me, I've got plenty of land and sea between most of the people i know ;)), and finally I'd kiss them goodbye.
Because honestly, no matter if they're blood/previous kinder-spirit/drinking buddy... whatever, Who needs ugly people in their lives?

I sure don't.

Keep your ugly heart and personality away from me... because they haven't made medication for that yet :)

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